Sealcoating & Crack Repair

Let American Road Markings extend the life and look of your parking lot or street with our sealcoat and crack repair services. The need for pavement maintenance in Virginia is particularly crucial.  We have high temperatures on hot summer days and cold temperatures in the winter accompanied by rain and snow.  These combined elements can be hard on pavement surfaces.  Help protect your pavement asset investment by sealing pavements on a regular basis.

Cracks in a parking lot, if left unattended, can let water undermine the stability of the base eventually leading to more costly repairs such as base failure and pot holes. Crack repair can help keep water from getting under the asphalt and weakening the base leading to these types of failures.

Hot melt crack repair involves cleaning the cracks either with a high pressure blower and steel bristle broom or a high temp/high pressure heat lance. The cracks are filled with a hot melt rubberized crack filler. The hot melt crack filler will fill the crack and adhere to the asphalt. Crack repair is also necessary prior to an asphalt overlay in order to keep the existing cracks from reflecting through.