Signs & Wheel Stops

American Road Markings is equipped and prepared to install all of your parking lot and roadway enhancements to the highest level of specification requirements. We have years of experience installing MUTCD standard signs, street name blades and personalized signs for private use. We are able to meet any specification required and have a variety of posts to mount your various signs in stock.

Bumper blocks or wheel stops are required for multiple safety reasons.  To help drivers align their vehicle when pulling into a parking space, to indicate to the driver when the vehicle has pulled all the way into the parking space, to reduce the risk of accidents in parking lots by preventing drivers from pulling forward to exit a parking space or to indicate when a parking space is reserved for handicapped vehicles. We can intstall any size or color you require to ensure all your safety needs are met.  We also install speed bumps made of recycled materials and re-paint existing speed bumps to ensure speed limits are followed.